I get this warning for the following line of code:

    NSLog(@"selected segment: %li", _segmentControl.selectedSegmentIndex);

The property selectedSegmentIndex is of type NSInteger.

If I change the format to %i i get the following warning:

Format specifies type 'int' but the argument has type 'long _Nullable'

Are there any new format specifiers for Nullable types or is this just a bug in Xcode 7?


You should type:

NSLog(@"selected segment: %li", (long)_segmentControl.selectedSegmentIndex);

Because NSInteger has a different length in 32 and 64bit architecture. Previously you didn't see the warning, because probably you was compiling only against 64 bit architecture.

I'd also advise to read Apple Article, as there are new specifiers in Xcode 7 (among others nullable and nonnull).

To answer your doubts from the comment, please refer to this Apple document, where they state the following:

Type Specifiers

Script action: Warns about potential problems; may generate false negatives.

Typically, in 32-bit code you use the %d specifier to format int values in functions such as printf, NSAssert, and NSLog, and in methods such as stringWithFormat:. But with NSInteger, which on 64-bit architectures is the same size as long, you need to use the %ld specifier. Unless you are building 32-bit like 64-bit, these specifiers generates compiler warnings in 32-bit mode. To avoid this problem, you can cast the values to long or unsigned long, as appropriate. For example:

NSInteger i = 34;
printf("%ld\n", (long)i);
  • Well that makes the warning go away, but iOS is on 64bit for quite a while and I can't remember having to cast arguments in an NSLog. Changing the format specifier from %i to %li was enough in the past. – bbjay Oct 14 '15 at 10:07
  • 1
    @bbjay Please revise my updated answer, where I pasted code snippet from Apple. They do the same. The warning was always there. You probably compiled mostly for 64bit so you didn't see this warning. If you had compiled on 32bit you'd have seen it previously. The only difference is that in Xcode 7 the warnings are visible all the time, not depending on target architecture. – Vive Oct 14 '15 at 10:55
  • Indeed. The reason is that build settings for architectures default to ARCHS = "$(ARCHS_STANDARD)"; which in Xcode 7 has the value armv7, arm64. Can you include that information in your answer? I will gladly accept it then. – bbjay Oct 18 '15 at 11:07
  • @bbjay Xcode 6 had the value of armv7 & arm64 too. – Vive Oct 18 '15 at 11:49
  • 1
    @Richard If you cast your NSInteger to long and format it as %ld, as provided in the example, you should not get any warnings. Confirmed by my Xcode 7.2. – Vive Dec 31 '15 at 16:46

Just want to add : I got this warning "suddenly" even when I did not change the code that made the warning for long time, and I did not understand why it's appear.

The reason : "Generic iOS Device". when selected device or simulator, the warnings disappear.

still, I add to the NSLog "(long)" to the variables. till then I only had "%ld", that turn the warning no matter what was selected (generic device, real device, simulator)

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