I am very new to Kentico CMS and started implementing the basics.

I have Login button webpart which redirect me to page say 'Welcome.aspx'.

Now, what I am struggling with is if directly open 'Welcome.aspx' without login, it should redirect to another page. Can anyone please help me in doing this?

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If I understood correctly, you want the Welcome.aspx to require users to log in. If so, you can achieve that by adjusting page's ACLs at Page -> Edit -> Security and setting the Website logon page URL at Settings -> Security & Membership.

You can either set the page to be accessible by certain roles or at least require authentication. There is an example in Corporate sample site - in section Partners.


Assuming you are using the recommended Portal Engine development model, you can set the permissions of the page on the Properties>Security tab. There you'd add a role of not authenticated and set the property to deny. Also ensure you have a default "login" page set in the settings.

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