I am using ui-router and I have a setup like this

In app.js I have the following

      .state('TechReadiness', {
          url: "/Dashboard/TechReadiness",
          templateUrl: "/partials/TechnicalReadinessReport.aspx"
    .state('TechReadiness.details', {
        url: "/ReadinessDetails/:a/:b",
        templateUrl: function ($stateParams) {
            return "/partials/TechReadinessDetails.aspx?b=" + $stateParams.b + '&a=' + $stateParams.a;

There is a page and on that page I am creating the links as shown below

$("#Chart5ImageMap area").each(function () {
                var vHref = $(this).attr('href');
                var arg1 = vHref.substring(vHref.indexOf("'") + 1, vHref.indexOf(",") - 1);
                var arg2 = vHref.substring(vHref.indexOf(",") + 2, vHref.lastIndexOf("'"));
                var a = arg2.split(',');
                $(this).attr('href', '#/Dashboard/TechReadiness/ReadinessDetails/' + a[0] +'/'+a[1]);

This changes all the click postback events(asp.net Chart Control) to simple links. Now the problem is that whenever I click the link the url gets updated correctly but the corresponding view doesn't get loaded.

for example: If I click the link with a=parameter1,b=parameter2

url becomes http://localhost:63893/#/Dashboard/TechReadiness/ReadinessDetails/parameter1/parameter2

accordingly and the correct view is loaded

but on when I click links with


the url changes to http://localhost:63893/#/Dashboard/TechReadiness/ReadinessDetails/parameter2/parameter2

but the content in the view doenst change


When you already in the state "TechReadiness.details", the view templateUrl will not reload. You should set the parametes to the controller but view template.


The problem was that I was using ASP.Net and thus there was client side caching enabled on the pages because of the following line on top of pages

<%@ OutputCache Duration="10" Location="Server" VaryByParam="none" %>

and I fixed it by replacing the above by

<%@ OutputCache Duration="10" Location="Server" VaryByParam="a;b" %>

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