I'm trying to copy a dll onto a server using a command line script. However, I'm getting blocked because it says that the file is in use. This doesn't make sense though, because in my script I copy the file to a new location, and then copy the NEW file to the server; the new file has literally just been created, so how can it be in use? What do I do to copy my file to the server?

if exist \\\c$ net use \\\c$ /delete
net use Z: \\\c$ P@55word /user:mdomain\username
:: first copy files to a temp directory
xcopy C:\dev\Filepath C:\dev\TempFiles\ /E /C /H /R /K /O /Y
:: then copy files from temp directory to server
robocopy "C:\dev\TempFiles" "Z:\Program Files (x86)\Insite Software\Commerce Integration Service V3.7.1.16264" MSD*.dll
net use \\\c$ /delete

It turns out the file in use was the one on the server, not the local file. I used net stop to stop the service that was using it and then started it again after replacing the file.

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