I have problem, that described in this topic.

But the proposed solutions are hard or not unsuitable for me.

There are one more solution - use third-party tools.

I will trying use wondershaper tool, but i cannot install it on OpenBSD server.

I found it as .deb file or .tar.gz archive.

Search in google don't helped me.

Somebody, tell me please, is it possible or not make this(install this tool)?

In advance thanks for help!


wondershaper is a script which uses tc which is a Linux command. It won't work on OpenBSD.

You did found those .deb and .tar.gz files on a FTP-Server named OpenBSD, because this are server which are mirrors for many software projects and are reachable under many different names. If you look closely at those files, you will see that most of them have debian or ubuntu in their file path.

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