I am using AudioUnit to play input from the microphone to the earphones. It's working great. Now I need to increase the volume of weak sounds and decrease strong ones.

I found a way to increase the sound:

static OSStatus performRender (void                         *inRefCon,
                           AudioUnitRenderActionFlags   *ioActionFlags,
                           const AudioTimeStamp         *inTimeStamp,
                           UInt32                       inBusNumber,
                           UInt32                       inNumberFrames,
                           AudioBufferList              *ioData)

OSStatus err = noErr;
if (*cd.audioChainIsBeingReconstructed == NO)
    // we are calling AudioUnitRender on the input bus of AURemoteIO
    // this will store the audio data captured by the microphone in ioData
    err = AudioUnitRender(cd.rioUnit, ioActionFlags, inTimeStamp, 1, inNumberFrames, ioData);

    // filter out the DC component of the signal
    cd.dcRejectionFilter->ProcessInplace((Float32*) ioData->mBuffers[0].mData, inNumberFrames);

    //Add Volume
    float desiredGain = 2.0f;
    for(UInt32 bufferIndex = 0; bufferIndex < ioData->mNumberBuffers; ++bufferIndex) {
        float *rawBuffer = (float *)ioData->mBuffers[bufferIndex].mData;
        vDSP_vsmul(rawBuffer, 1, &desiredGain, rawBuffer, 1, inNumberFrames);

    // mute audio if needed
    if (*cd.muteAudio)
        for (UInt32 i=0; i<ioData->mNumberBuffers; ++i)
            memset(ioData->mBuffers[i].mData, 0, ioData->mBuffers[i].mDataByteSize);

return err;


My question is how to I get what is the current volume so I would know how much to gain it and vice versa



Getting the "volume" depends on the type of AudioUnit. Some audio units have input levels, output levels, and "global" volume levels.

// MatrixMixer
Float32 volume = 0;
OSStatus result = AudioUnitGetParameter(mxmx_unit, kMatrixMixerParam_Volume, kAudioUnitScope_Global, 0, &volume);

// MultiChannelMixer
Float32 volume = 0;
OSStatus result = AudioUnitGetParameter(mcmx_unit, kMultiChannelMixerParam_Volume, kAudioUnitScope_Global, 0, &volume);

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