Is there a shortcut to run all cells in an IPython notebook?

And if not, does this have a specific reason?

  • Please let me know if you found a way to do this - it would be extremely useful!!! – Sother Sep 24 '16 at 16:51
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    The closest thing I could find was to enter the command mode by command + shift + P and then type run all cells and press enter? – Sother Sep 24 '16 at 16:56
  • No. Press esc + H to show keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are sparing due to limited options that do not interfere with existing browser shortcuts. – pylang Nov 22 '16 at 3:38
  • Ctrl + shift + p opens up a private browsing window in firefox for me! – Färid Alijani Oct 11 '19 at 15:36

For the latest jupyter notebook, (version 5) you can go to the 'help' tab in the top of the notebook and then select the option 'edit keyboard shortcuts' and add in your own customized shortcut for the 'run all' function.

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    This is the answer! Thanks a lot! Maybe one small comment for those who are a bit "blind" like me: You have to click on "add shortcut" (seems greyed out) and then literally type the shortcut you want to use. – user3017048 Feb 14 '18 at 7:33
  • As of Jupyter 5.5 you can go to Kernel -> Restart and Run All. This will run all cells from top to bottom. – Chinmoy Nov 26 '18 at 13:53
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    How do you actually type the shortcut? Nothing is working for me when I type. – mathtick Mar 4 '19 at 8:29
  • @mathtick, this is from a while ago but you in the editing window you'll see a "details of defining keyboard shortcuts" link which details how to type out new shortcuts. Essentially you have to type of 'Cmd' for command, instead of pressing 'Cmd'. – exlo Jul 8 '19 at 2:34
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    @exlo No blue link in opera browser.... just a box with a title "edit command mode shortcuts", an OK button and nothing else..... – adiro Sep 24 '19 at 6:30

There is a menu shortcut to run all cells under Cell > "Run All". This isn't bound to a keyboard shortcut by default- you'll have to define your own custom binding from within the notebook, as described here.

For example, to add a keyboard binding that lets you run all the cells in a notebook, you can insert this in a cell:


Jupyter.keyboard_manager.command_shortcuts.add_shortcut('r', {
    help : 'run all cells',
    help_index : 'zz',
    handler : function (event) {
        return false;

If you run this code from within iPython notebook, you should find that you now have a keyboard binding to run all cells (in this case, press ctrl-M followed by r)

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    Add this code to ~/.jupyter/custom/custom.js and restart the notebook, and the shortcut will be always available to all notebooks. – stason Jul 30 '18 at 2:01
  • Is there a way to run "from this cell onwards"? – Minh Nghĩa Jan 9 at 10:46

Easiest solution:

Esc, Ctrl-A, Shift-Enter.

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  • Simple and straight forward solution without messing up with jupyter. – sagarr May 8 '19 at 5:21
  • on Mac: Esc, command-A, Shift-Enter. Works in JupyterLab, not Jupyter notebook. – Joseph Sheedy Mar 25 at 17:19

Jupyter Lab 1.0.4:

  1. In the top menu, go to: Settings->Advanced Settings Editor->Keyboard Shortcuts

  2. Paste this code in the User Preferences window:

    "shortcuts": [
            "command": "runmenu:run-all",
            "keys": [
            "selector": "[data-jp-kernel-user]:focus"
  1. Save (top right of the user-preferences window)

This will be effective immediately. Here, two consecutive 'R' presses runs all cells (just like two '0' for kernel restart). Notably, system defaults has empty templates for all menu commands, including this code (search for run-all). The selector was copied from kernelmenu:restart, to allow printing r within cells. This system defaults copy-paste can be generalized to any command.

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I've been trying to do this in Jupyter Lab so thought it might be useful to post the answer here. You can find the shortcuts in settings and also add your own, where a full list of the possible shortcuts can be found here.

For example, I added my own shortcut to run all cells. In Jupyter Lab, under Settings > Advanced Settings, select Keyboard Shortcuts, then add the following code to 'User Overrides':

    "notebook:run-all-cells": {
      "command": "notebook:run-all-cells",
      "keys": [
        "Shift Backspace"
      "selector": ".jp-Notebook.jp-mod-editMode"

Here, Shift + Backspace will run all cells in the notebook.

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  • Just to note, that equivalently, Shift-BackSpace can be entered in the "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts" UI dialog, for the command of your choice, to yield the same result. – matanster Jul 14 '18 at 9:40

As of 5.5 you can run Kernel > Restart and Run All

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  • To be more precise: Kernel > Restart Run -> Run All Cells or: Run -> Restart Kernel and Run All Cells – Thomas Hubregtsen Feb 11 '19 at 15:33

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