$describe = new Cassandra\SimpleStatement(<<<EOD
             describe keyspace.tablename

i used above code but it is not working. how can i fetch field name and it's data type from Cassandra table ?


Refer to CQL documentation. Describe expects a table/schema/keyspace.

describe table keyspace.tablename

Its also a cqlsh command, not an actual cql command. To get this information query the system tables. try

select * from system.schema_columns;

- or for more recent versions -

select * from system_schema.columns ;

if using php driver may want to check out http://datastax.github.io/php-driver/features/#schema-metadata


Try desc table keyspace.tablename;

  • @Vijay: Your query doesn't work with with DevCenter. Can you please share minimum requirements to run this query? – realPK Jan 14 '19 at 22:07

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