I have a list like this for example, 7141,6881,5821,8001,7904,6601,7961,6021,4721 where each is the id of a employee. I have a page which has employee description, and a next button on it. On clicking next I need to get the next employees details doing it like below.

<cfset getempls(arguments.id) />

    <cfset local.emp_id_list = valueList(VARIABLES.employee.emp_id) />
    <cfset emp_index = listFind(local.emp_id_list, arguments.emp_id) />
    <cfset local.emp_id = "" />
    <cfif emp_index LT VARIABLES.employee.recordcount>
        <cfset local.emp_id = listGetAt(local.emp_id_list, emp_index + 1) />

I also need to grab preview of next 3 employees on the detail page, meaning, on the detail page of emp_ID 7141, I need to show 6881,5821,8001 details too; need to go through the list till the end. Can anyone suggest a best way to do this. I did something like below, but I need this to work even if the list has less than 3 employees. Any thoughts? thanks

     <cfif listlen(local.emp_id_list) eq 3> 
            <cfset local.next_three_emp_id_list = listappend(local.next_3_emp_id_list, listGetAt(local.emp_id_list, emp_index + 2)) />  
            <cfset local.next_three_emp_id_list = listappend(local.next_three_emp_id_list, listGetAt(local.emp_id_list, emp_index + 3)) />
  • It would be easier to do this with an array. You could utilize the array index as offset. You can convert your list using the listToArray function. – Alex Oct 15 '15 at 17:30
  • I would be tempted to load the list into an array and put that array into a session variable. I would then push the current index, rather than the whole list – James A Mohler Oct 15 '15 at 17:31
  • Can you please give an example? – user747291 Oct 15 '15 at 17:36
  • What else is contained in the query variables.employee? – Dan Bracuk Oct 15 '15 at 18:03

While I generally try to avoid using session variables, this might be a situation where it's appropriate.

On the first page, change:

<cfquery name = "employee">


<cfquery name = "session.employee">

then do this:

<cfoutput query = "session.employee">
<a href=page2.cfm?row=#rownumber#">somethigng</a>

on page2.cfm do this:

<cfoutput query = "session.employee" startrow = url.row maxrows="3">
display code
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One should never use a list when one has an array to start with (well: one should just not use lists where at all possible). With this in mind, here's a solution that deals with arrays of IDs, not lists of IDs.

function nextIds(ids, id, count){
    var thisIdIdx = ids.find(id);
    var idsLen = ids.len();
    if (thisIdIdx == 0 || thisIdIdx == idsLen){
        return [];
    return ids.slice(thisIdIdx+1, min(idsLen-thisIdIdx, count));
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