When running pylint on a python file it shows me warnings regarding TODO comments by default. E.g.:

************* Module foo
W:200, 0: TODO(SE): fix this! (fixme)
W:294, 0: TODO(SE): backlog item (fixme)
W:412, 0: TODO(SE): Delete bucket? (fixme)

While I do find this behavior useful, I would like to know of a way of temporarily and/or permanently turn these specific warnings on or off.

I am able to generate a pylint config file: pylint --generate-rcfile > ~/.pylintrc

I'm just note sure what to put in this file to disable warnings for TODO comments.


in the generated config file, you should see a section


  # List of note tags to take in consideration, separated by a comma.

simply drop TODO from the "notes" list.

The config file is found at


If you have not generated the config file, this can be done with

pylint --generate-rcfile > ~/.pylintrc
  • Todo seems like a cool feature with pylint. Is it possible to have a "todo" block instead of a single line? Thanks. – ScipioAfricanus Nov 6 '19 at 22:40

Along with the solution posted by @sthenault where you could disable all warnings, Pylint also allows you to ignore a single line (helpful if you would want to deal with it in the future) like so:

A_CONSTANT = 'ugh.'  # TODO: update value  # pylint: disable=fixme

or by stating the Rule ID:

A_CONSTANT = 'ugh.'  # TODO: update value  # pylint: disable=W0511

In our projects we have a pylint.cfg file. We use the --rcfile pylint option to point to that file.

In pylint.cfg, I can disable checker W0511, which is the checker that complains about "TODO" and similar terms in comments. Just add W0511 to the comma-separated list for parameter disable.

But remember that, as Uncle Bob Martin says, a TODO is not an excuse to leave bad code in the system, and the code should be scanned regularly to remove TODOs, and pylint and/or sonarqube issues can work as good reminders and motivation for doing so.

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