I'm making an iOS app with Swift that has two scenes. One asks for user input and that is saved in an array. I'm trying to make a list with table view cells in the other scene, and that list includes the user input that is saved when the user clicks on the save button.

tried creating a sharedData class in a separate file, tried this:

override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue!, sender: AnyObject!) {
    if (segue.identifier == "segueTest") {
        var svc = segue!.destinationViewController as! goalViewController
        svc.toPass = textInput

(both from other stackoverflow questions)

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Try saving the array into the NSUserDefaults then recall the objects you saved in the NSUserDefaults in the new view.

  • a bit vague, but after looking up NSUserDefaults this is exactly what I wanted! Thanks! – Lizzie Jan 12 '16 at 21:42

- Using Delegate is one of the preferred way


protocol PExposeArrayDelegate: class
   func getArrayOfItems(array: String)

class CustomArray

// delegate property to expose array to the view-controller
    internal weak var delegateForTimeLineCell: PExposeArrayDelegate?

internal func createArray()
    let arr = ["Vivek","India","Audi"]

     delegateForTimeLineCell.getArrayOfItems(array: arr)


Now in the class where you want to access the array, do the following:

- Conform to protocol (Delegate) defined above

- Assign self to the delegate

- Implement the delegate method and then access the array from inside it.

Check the example here

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