I have pictures on my website which are displayed at a smaller size than the original size except when users click on them (I m using jquery fancybox plugin). Then I installed PageSpeed Module for Apache.

I don't understand why PageSpeed resize jpeg images to the size they are displayed first even though I haven't added any filters to do so. So when I click on a picture, the picture displayed is the picture re-sized by pagespeed and not the the picture with the original size.

Below the filters I added in pagespeed.conf

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE
ModPagespeedFetchWithGzip on
ModPagespeedEnableFilters collapse_whitespace
ModPagespeedEnableFilters convert_meta_tags
ModPagespeedEnableFilters elide_attributes
ModPagespeedEnableFilters inline_google_font_css
ModPagespeedEnableFilters prioritize_critical_css
ModPagespeedEnableFilters combine_javascript
ModPagespeedEnableFilters combine_css
ModPagespeedEnableFilters extend_cache
ModPagespeedEnableFilters remove_comments

ModPagespeedEnableFilters recompress_jpeg
ModPagespeedImageRecompressionQuality -1
ModPagespeedEnableFilters strip_image_color_profile
ModPagespeedEnableFilters strip_image_meta_data
ModPagespeedEnableFilters jpeg_subsampling
ModPagespeedEnableFilters convert_jpeg_to_webp
ModPagespeedEnableFilters convert_to_webp_lossless
ModPagespeedEnableFilters lazyload_images

Is someone has any ideas?


I guess one of the filters are resizing images, try disable them one by one. Or try adding pagespeed_no_transform to your <img /> tag.

  • I want pageSpeed to do a lossless recompression (ModPagespeedImageRecompressionQuality -1 ) and strip meta data etc so I don't want to use pagespeed_no_transform. – julienMWeb Oct 16 '15 at 10:33

I found what I wanted https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/config_filters. It is written that :

ModPagespeedEnableFilters resize_images is implied by ModPagespeedEnableFilter rewrite_images

I didn't enable rewrite_images but because recompress_images is a part of rewrite_images and recompress_jpeg is a part of recompress_images my guess is that when you enable recompress_jpeg it enables resize_images So I disable resize_images by using ModPagespeedDisableFilters resize_images And now my problem is solved :)

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