I have primefaces datatable which has 4 to 5 input components. One of the input is p:autocomplete. There is a option to add new row through UI, i have added first row later i am trying to add 2nd row whatever value selected in the first row it remains same in the 2nd row. Along with that if i choose different value in the 2nd through autocomplete that value is reflecting for both the rows.

But i would like to retain the value which is selected for first row then i need to retain the 2nd row value differently.

Note: I have used p:selectonemenu inorder to show the values from DB, it has 10000+ records it is taking more time. Due to performance issue i had gone for p:autocomplete

Please see the code XHTML code- LocationDetails.xhtml

 <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

 <h:form id="atcs">
<p:dataTable var="atcscirreq" id="atcscirreqtbl"
    binding="#{atcsCircuitIdAddressRequestBean.dataTable}" lazy="true"     resizableColumns="true">
<p:column id="locn">
<p:autoComplete id="lcnLst" required="true"
    requiredMessage="LocationName is required field"
    var="locn" itemLabel="#{locn.locName}" itemValue="#{locn}"
    emptyMessage="No Records Found" maxResults="10"

<p:commandButton value="Add Another Request" action="#   {atcsCircuitIdAddressRequestBean.addNewRequestData}" update="atcscirreqtbl">



package com.bean.request;

public class ATCSCircuitIdAddressRequestBean {

TblTrackLocationinformation locnInfo = new TblTrackLocationinformation();
List<TblTrackLocationinformation> filteredLocations = new ArrayList<TblTrackLocationinformation>();
private List<TblTrackLocationinformation> atcsAddressCircuitRequestList = new ArrayList<TblTrackLocationinformation>();

public List<TblTrackLocationinformation> locationNames(String name) {
    List<TblTrackLocationinformation> allLocations = service.getAllLocations;
    if (name.trim().equals(""))
        return allLocations;
    for (int i = 0; i < allLocations.size(); i++) {
        TblTrackLocationinformation data = allLocations.get(i);
        if (data.getLocName().toString()
                || data.getLocName().toLowerCase()
                        .contains(name.toLowerCase())) {

    return filteredLocations;

public TblTrackLocationinformation getLocnInfo() {
    return locnInfo;

public void setLocnInfo(TblTrackLocationinformation locnInfo) {
    this.locnInfo = locnInfo;
public void addNewRequestData() {
    TblTrackLocationInformationdata = new TblTrackLocationInformation();
    filteredLocations=new ArrayList<TblTrackLocationinformation>();


package com.bean.request;

public class TblTrackLocationInformation{

private String locName;
private Integer locationId;

public String getLocName() {
    return locName;

public void setLocName(String locName) {
    this.locName = locName;

public Integer getLocationId() {
    return locationId;

public void setLocationId(Integer locationId) {
    this.locationId = locationId;



package com.bean.request;
public class LocationNameAutoCompleteConverter implements Converter{

LocationInfoDAO locnDao = new LocationInfoDAOImpl();

public Object getAsObject(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, String value) {
    return locnDao.getLocationInfoById(Integer.valueOf(value));

public String getAsString(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, Object value) {
    return String.valueOf(((TblTrackLocationinformation) value)


Specifications of the projects are JSF 2.1, Primefaces 5.0,Servlet 2.5

I have searched many links but i did not get answer. I am checking this for past 2 days. Please help me out !


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After long time, i came to know the solution. We need to know when and how to use List with object and List with String. Have to use

public List<String> locationNames(String name)

instead of

public List<TblTrackLocationinformation> locationNames(String name)

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