I have a click event handler in my React component and wish to remove the event handler when hideLeft occurs, but am unable to do so with $(document).unbind('click', this.hideLeft.bind(this)). Currently can only remove the click event handler by doing $(document).unbind('click').

How can I avoid this and only remove click event handlers associated with the hideLeft function?

class Header extends Component {
    constructor(props, context) {
        super(props, context); 
        this.state = {
            panel_visible: false

    logOut() {
        console.log('logged out');

    hideLeft(event) {
        if (!$(event.target).closest('.menu').length) {
                panel_visible: false

    showLeft() {
            panel_visible: true
        $(document).bind('click', this.hideLeft.bind(this));    

    render() {
       return (
                    <header className='app-header'>
                      <LeftPanel visibility={this.state.panel_visible} showLeft={e => this.showLeft()} 
                        hideLeft={e => this.hideLeft()} />
                      <button onClick={e => this.showLeft()}>Show Left Menu!</button>
                      <button className='btn btn-default logout' onClick={e => this.logOut()}>Log Out</button>
                      <h1>Some header </h1>
  • I'm not sure what react code is here? The render method seems blank and event handlers can normally be handled with react code and not use jquery. – noveyak Oct 16 '15 at 20:22
  • Hi @noveyak, I omitted the render method for simplicity as the event handlers had nothing to do with the render method – Yan Yi Oct 17 '15 at 3:41

I'm doing this using vanilla js methods addEventListener and removeEventListener.


document.addEventListener('click', this.hideLeft.bind(this));


document.removeEventListener('click', this.hideLeft.bind(this));

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