I am new-ish to Matplotlib.

I made a stem plot (aka lollipop) using Python/Matplotlib. These kinds of plots have style settings: linefmt, markerfmt, basefmt.

For instance, I can change the color of the baseline like so:

plt.stem(X, Y, basefmt="m")

I'd like to see the points and the stems, but I don't want to see the actual baseline. What command/format code do I need to "hide" the baseline? Or am I approaching this wrong?


An alternative to brian_o's answer is to set the visible property to False:

(markerline, stemlines, baseline) = plt.stem(X, Y)
plt.setp(baseline, visible=False)

You can do it all in one line:

plt.stem(X, Y, basefmt=" ")


It looks like stem returns a triplet, the third value of which is the baseline object. It can then be manipulated with a setp command.

m,n,baseline = plt.stem(X, Y, basefmt="m")
plt.setp(baseline, 'linewidth', 0)

The code seems to work, but in my opinion it's ultra hacky. Can anyone with a better understanding of default args or keywords do better?

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