Is it possible to separate docker logs between stderr \ stdout? Via fluentd\logstash etc. The ultimate goal - sending logs to elasticsearch and filter it by stderr\stdout

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If you want to separate docker logs into stdout processing and stderr processing in fluentd side, you can use rewite-tag-filter plugin with source value.



Maybe this is a duplicate of


Here is an example:

$ docker run -d --name foo busybox ls abcd
$ docker logs foo > stdout.log 2>stderr.log
$ cat stdout.log
$ cat stderr.log
ls: abcd: No such file or directory
  • Thanks. I looked at json docker logs and really - it has "stream" param And now i can do something with this.
    – vuliad
    Oct 17, 2015 at 15:01

See latest from issue @Opal posted.

# stdout
docker logs container_name 2>/dev/null

# stderr
docker logs container_name >/dev/null

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