I'm currently experimenting with html5 and websockets. I know next to nothing about "ordinary" sockets. Before messing about with websockets I think it might be wise to learn about sockets. Is there any online material that I should read or excersizes that I should go through to get myself up to speed? It might be worth pointing out that I'm a c# programmer mainly.

Thanks in advance!


The short answer: nothing. The WebSocket protocol is a high-level (layer-7) protocol; the normal "sockets" that I think you're referring to are TCP sockets, which are much more low-level, and are programmed using the Berkeley sockets API. If you just want to use the WebSocket protocol on a pragmatic level, all you need to learn is the simple Javascript API for dealing with the same.


Well, surely you must read this at first. Browsers that support web-socket

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