I was following this link to index files in Solr. I created a folder in Solr folder, then created my folder named "easy", then created conf folder. Inside conf folder, I created schema.xml and wrote this inside of it :

  <field name="content" type="text" indexed="true" stored="true" multiValued="true"/>

After that, I created solrconfig.xml then wrote those codes :

<requestHandler name="/dataimport">
   <lst name="defaults">
      <str name="config">data-config.xml</str>
 <lib dir="../../dist/" regex="apache-solr-dataimporthandler-.*\.jar" />

After that, created data-config.xml then wrote those codes:

        id = 1;
        function GenerateId(row) {
            row.put('id', (id ++).toFixed());
            return row;
   <dataSource type="BinURLDataSource" name="data"/>
    <dataSource type="URLDataSource" baseUrl="http://localhost/tmp/bin/" name="main"/>
        <entity name="rec" processor="XPathEntityProcessor" url="data.xml" forEach="/albums/album" dataSource="main" transformer="script:GenerateId">
            <field column="title" xpath="//title" />
            <field column="description" xpath="//description" />
            <entity processor="TikaEntityProcessor" url="http://localhost/tmp/bin/${rec.description}" dataSource="data">
                <field column="text" name="content" />
                <field column="Author" name="author" meta="true" />
                <field column="title" name="title" meta="true" />

Then I ran solr server and an error occured

easy: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException:org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Could not load conf for core easy: Error loading solr config from /home/alican/Downloads/solr-4.10.2/example/solr/test/easy/conf/solrconfig.xml

What part am I missing according to the link which l am following ?

Second question about the lib

<lib dir="../../dist/" regex="apache-solr-dataimporthandler-.*\.jar" />

Do I need to change "../../dist/ ? What path is it ?

-- I removed that lib part from solrconfig.xml and restarted server. Error was still occuring.


The error says the its not able to load sorconfig.xml. Check if you have added the solrConfig.xml in the conf folder.

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