I have a document library on Sharepoint2013 site. I want anonymous users to access this list and can upload any documents they want after specifying their email address. I directed to list settings and allow anonymous access on permissions like below.

Name            Type            Permission Levels
Anonymous Users Anonymous Users Add Items, Edit Items, Delete Items, View Items

Right now, anonymous users can access the document library without a problem. Those users can click save button without selecting a document, this is working and a record exists. However, when a document is uploaded by anonymous users, when save button is clicked, the user is automatically directed to a login page, asking for credentials, without saving the document. What I want is that anonymous users would upload any document to the document library as well, they should not need to log in.

I appreciate if anyone helps.



Anonymous users are unable to upload documents into SharePoint libraries by default, so you would have to create a webpart and use the RunWithElevatedPrivileges method to upload files into a document library.

You can find the webpart's code here:


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