I can launch debug session only once with VS2010 and ASP.NET MVC2. When I end the first session and try to launch another I can see...

"Unable to start debugging" - no other messages, I'm using Visual Studio Development Server instead of IIS, Windows 7 64-bit

I can add that few days ago I was working on Windows XP and everything was fine.

Does anyone have some conclusions?

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The problem auto-magically disappeared when:

  1. I've turned off Debug > Edit and Continue option
  2. Open vs2010 and run debug.
  3. Turn off debug, shut down all launched WebServers (I had few of them for different services)
  4. Close VS2010
  5. Open VS2010.

After that everything works.

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    had the same problem manually upgrading from asp.net mvc 3 -> mvc 4 beta; closing vs and re-opening solved it. sigh.
    – tmont
    Apr 23, 2012 at 8:04

A simple restart of VS2010 sorted this for me


I've had this problem twice now and it occurs when I change my password for my computer. I have to go into IIS and change the password on the application pool to match my new password.


Also encountered this issue when updated AnkhSVN(I don't believe that updating could cause this problem but I didn't do anything else except code editing).

Closing Development Servers seems solve this issue until next time.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Version 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel

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