When the product has quantity on hand equal to zero, and customer orders this product, then, we need Odoo to generate a purchase order automatically for this product.

Odoo is not generating the automatic PO. We have Odoo 8.

As for an example, I created a test product. I ticked "Buy" check box, and unticked the"Make to order" check box. I added a vendor (has an address) on the product as follows: Supplier: Old Stocks - Delivery Lead Time: 0 - Minimal Quantity: 1.00

I also created a reordering rule for this product: Name: PO/8406724 Product: [9781452555508] Would Our Legacy Survive? Warehouse: Amman Stock - Location: AmmWH/Stock - Minimum Quantity: 5.000 - Maximum Quantity: 20.000 - Quantity Multiple: 1.000

I made a purchase order for this product, and transferred the delivery order. The quantity on hand became 4 (less than the min. quantity in the reordering rule). Run the schedulers from Warehouse -> Run Schedulers. However, the RfQ was not created.

What should I do to get an RfQ auto-generated, when the there is sales order for a product with "Quantity on hand" equal to zero?

Thanks you :)

  • By the way, we have about 10 million products – Ababneh A Oct 19 '15 at 11:06

I tried on V9(sorry don't have V8), and it works perfectly. I follow that process: Odoo Tuto for minimum stock rule Can you try it ?



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