When I open my Sublime Text I sometimes get the following error, especially in the last week.

Package Control

Error executing: /usr/bin/security dump-trust-settings -d

SecTrustSettingsCopyTrustSettings: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.
SecTrustSettingsCopyTrustSettings: The specified item could not be found in the keychain.
Number of trusted certs = 3
Cert 0: Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus Certification Authority
   Number of trust settings : 0
Cert 1: GTE CyberTrust Global Root
Cert 2: Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority

VCS-based packages can be ignored with the "ignore_vcs_packages" setting.

I am wondering if this is a bug or maybe something malicious at the back? I am running OS X El Capitan.

I don't have Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus and this is really worrying me.

Any ideas?

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Edit 20/09/2016

The Package Control has now fixed and released the update with the following change log:

Package Control

Version 3.2 Release Notes This version of Package Control focuses on bug-fixes, with notable changes including:

  • OS X TLS trust roots are exported using APIs to prevent the error message displayed to some El Capitan users

  • Theme, syntax and color scheme upgrades have been improved and should result in fewer popup messages when filenames change

  • Various bugs related to installing dependencies have been resolved

  • Windows and OS X trust roots are exported in a way that valid/invalid purpose information is now communicated to the OpenSSL-based Python ssl module

  • Further improvements have been made to handling of git/hg package upgrades

  • The Windows WinINet downloader has improved compatibility with Windows 10

This should now fixed the problem and the update should be executed automatically once you open Sublime Text.

Edit 30/07/2016

According to the bug issue listed below the bug is fixed by the user wbond:

Replacing the old trust list export code with new code from oscrypto. There will be a new release in the near future that includes this.

That said this problem will gone away with an upcoming update.

Regarding the bug

It looks like this is a known bug of the Package Control since 23rd of September.
That also appears only to OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) users.

I guess this will be solved with an update. While this is a known bug and the cause is due to certification of the KeyChain there is no reason to worry about.

For more information about the bug and to keep yourself up-to-date have a look here.

The current status of the bug is closed.

How to temporarly fix the problem

Here is how to overcome the problem temporarily until the bug is fixed:

  1. Open Keychain Access from your applications, (Ensure that the lock on the top-left is unlocked, by entering your password).
  2. Then choose login from the Keychains list on your left.
  3. In the search bar on the top-right, enter the keyword that is located in your error message next to Cert 0:, which in your case is: Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus Certification Authority

enter image description here

  1. You will probably then (don't consider the above screenshot, in your case, you will have results) have the expected result underneath the table.
  2. Right-click and delete the certificate. (You will probably prompt to enter your password)
  3. Verify if the process was succesful by running the following command in your Terminal.app: /usr/bin/security dump-trust-settings -d
  4. If the following message is shown as a result from the previous command in the Terminal: SecTrustSettingsCopyCertificates: No Trust Settings were found. then everything was successful, otherwise try again the process until you get this message.

Credits for the above temporary fix here, and thanks to Diego Plentz user below for pointing out the tutorial reference as well.

  • I get this error no matter what I've done... I've spent a lot of time importing all sorts of certificates as well. Maybe its time I just stopped using package control.
    – Jason F
    May 9, 2016 at 21:15

Here's a way to fix it:

  1. Open Keychain
  2. click on your login keychain
  3. Go to the search box
  4. Type in the name shown in the Cert : field (in this case stuff.co)
  5. Select the Certificate entry that is shown in the results
  6. Right-click -> Delete “…”
  7. Enter your password

Source: https://followryan.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/sublime-text-package-control-error-executing-usrbinsecurity-dump-trust-settings-d/


This is an issue with Package Control. This issue has been fixed inside Package Control itself.

If you are still presented with this error then update Package Control to its latest version, instead of deleting the certificates (as recommended in other answers in this thread).

To update Package Control re-run its installation instructions.

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