I got this error after I added these lines to my gradle file:

buildTypes.each {
        it.buildConfigField 'String', 'OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY', MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey

then the log show:

Could not find property 'MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey' on com.android.build.gradle.AppExtension_Decorated@c3b784

The solutions on google that I searched cannot solve my problem. Please show me where I was wrong?


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Since you are using a String you have to use this syntax:

buildConfigField "String" , "OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY" ,  "\"XXXXX-XXXXX-XXX\""

The last parameter has to be a String

Otherwise you can use something like this:

resValue "string", "OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY", "\"XXXXX-XXXXX-XXX\""

The first case generates a constants iin your BuildConfig file.
The second case generates a string resource value that can be accessed using the @string/OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY annotation.


You should define MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey in your local user settings, so, go to your home gradle settings: ~/.gradle/gradle.properties (Win: %USERPROFILE%\.gradle\gradle.properties). If gradle.properties does not exist - just create it.

In the file add following line:


(unfortunately, Android Udacity teachers were not very nice to explain how does it work from gradle perspective; as same as I've not easily found any documentation from gradle how it.buildConfigField works)

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    You're absolutely correct. This was taught very poorly (with a text node IIRC) and will be changed in the next iteration of the course. We'll actually be using your method here, as it is clearly the correct way of doing things. FWIW, one of the contributing factors to why this was taught poorly is because when the course was initially filmed, Open Weather Map did not require an API key, so a quick "bandaid" fix was required to keep everything from breaking. Anyway, please feel free to shoot me an email at halfjew22 at gmail.com and we can chat about the best way to show these concepts. Cheers! May 1, 2016 at 20:22
  • @radistao I have added that but it says Error:(21, 0) Could not find property 'MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey' on com.android.build.gradle.AppExtension_Decorated@12b151b. May 5, 2016 at 19:10
  • @SiddharthVenu It worked for me when adding MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey = "API_KEY_HERE" to the gradle.properties file in the Sunshine-Version-2 directory.
    – Vishnu M.
    May 8, 2016 at 0:42
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    @VishnuM. same here, but the instructions says to create anther gradle.properties in the .gradle folder in the project directory. They tell you have to do that because the gradle.properties in the project dir will be included in the Git and others can see out key. May 8, 2016 at 7:01
  • FYI - I had to read here to figure out how to get this to work. There was no mention, that I recall, in the Udacity course. Lots of other similar challenges in the course.
    – pcomitz
    Dec 4, 2016 at 22:26

The 'OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY' references a gradle property named 'MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey' that needs to be configured.

One reason is for the build system to generate the code for this. Another might be so that you don't accidentally commit your API-KEY to GitHub or other public repo.

What you should do is add an entry to your 'gradle.properties' file like this:


Then sync your project with gradle (if using Android Studio)


See " Open Weather Map API Key is required." at the bottom of https://github.com/udacity/Sunshine-Version-2

  1. Sign up account at http://openweathermap.org/appid#use or other weather api providers to get your unique API Key
  2. Go to your home gradle settings: ~/.gradle/gradle.properties

Add this line:

  1. Rebuild it

I had to use a little information from multiple answers on here to fix this issue.

  1. it.buildConfigField 'String', 'OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY', MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey is fine. The top voted answer puts the key directly into this field rather than referencing a "global" key for your user.
  2. You need to acquire a Open Weather Map API Key by making an account here
  3. Gradle expects you to put the key that you get from creating an Open Weather Map account into a field named MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey that is referenced by OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY from before. To do this, open gradle.properties in Android Studio and add MyOpenWeatherMapApiKey="<Your Key Here>"

Now you should be able to build the app with no issues.


The accepted answer is absolutely correct. Another way, probably simpler, to format the value inside as the String is like this:

it.buildConfigField 'String', 'OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_API_KEY', '"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"'

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