Apologies if I am posting a duplicate , if so please point me to original question.

I am running a tomee instance. I am configuring my data sources in context.xml and that are being pickup fine. But tomee also creates a HSQLDB datasource by default. And for few transaction it is being picked up and gives me error.

I would like to remove/ disable it from configuration so that it doesn't gives me those false error like:

user lacks privilege or object not found.

And I would be able to see actual issue with my application.

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    A simple google for "tomee hsqldb" seems to indicate that you need to look in the conf/tomee.xml file.
    – Gimby
    Oct 21, 2015 at 14:07

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As Gimby said, you should define it in tomee.xml

If you are using eclipse check that your server locations is set to "use Tomcat installation (take control...)" and not "use workspace metadata"

usefull links:


MySQL datasource in TomEE

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