I have class

public class Main {

    private static final String DEFAULT_PACKAGE = "com/project/";
    private static final String XLS_FILE = DEFAULT_PACKAGE + "rule.xls";

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        RuleRunner ruleRunner = new RuleRunner();

        // build fact
        Person p = new Person();

        ruleRunner.runRules(new Object[] { p }, XLS_FILE, RuleType.XLS);

Which is set as main for application plugin.

In Eclipse I set a breakpoint there. but how to debug it?


From application plugin section of user guide:

You can launch the application in debug mode with gradle run --debug-jvm

This will run you main class and listen on port 5005. Configure Eclipse run/debug configuration and attach sources.

More discussion on debugging (tests)

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