Why does it show an error?

and why can't I use a return type?

This is the part of the code where the error exists

template <typename T>
class Matrix
   Matrix(int x = default_x, int y = default_y);
   Matrix<T> Matrix(const Matrix<T>& src);
   int get_x_size() const { return x_size; }
   int get_y_size() const { return y_size; }
   T get_element(int x, int y) const;
   void set_element(int x, int y, T elem);
   // constant elements
  static const int default_x = 3;
  static const int default_y = 3;
   T** cells;
   int x_size;
   int y_size;
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Matrix<T> Matrix(const Matrix<T>& src);

The error tells you what is wrong. A constructor may not have a return type, just remove the Matrix<T> return type.

Edit: regarding WHY you can't use a return type you can, for example, look here

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