I'm using miniprofiler in my .NET MVC3 and MVC4 projects and SQL storage provider. I would like to harvest those logs for display in other systems...but need to store extra information with each log entry, such as the customer name, user id, report id, etc.

Is there a way to add custom fields and request-specific values to my current miniprofiler so the logs include those values in the SQL tables?


Yes, you can archive this by implementing a custom class that derives from DatabaseStorageBase

The DatabaseStorageBase is located here: DatabaseStorageBase.cs @ MiniProfiler GitHub

Nowadays, your are using the SqlServerStorace, correct ? The source for it is here: SqlServerStorage.cs @ MiniProfiler GitHub

Just copy it, and change as your needs or you could even extend SqlServerStorage just overriding the Save (it's public), and implement custom SaveTimings (private) and SaveClientTimings (private) methods

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