I know this has been asked many times but no matter what I try in PostgreSQL 9.4, the datestyle will revert to ISO,MDY within a minute or so. I require the date format:

SET datestyle to SQL,DMY;
Show datesyle;

E.g. dd/mm/yyyy ... - After entering this, the 'show' command displays SQL,DMY


Displays the current date in correct format

Each time I apply this setting and look at my date column it still turns my input into yyyy-mm-dd. Then shortly after if i run:

Show datestyle;

It's back to ISO,MDY.

I have applied the datestyles in three other ways:

ALTER DATABASE "database" SET datestyle TO SQL,DMY;

ALTER USER "User" SET datestyle to SQL,DMY;
  • postgresql.config - Changed the datestyle variable and restarted the server

I have spent hours looking up advice and tried editing LC_TIME and the results are the same.


I suspect the answer is here: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/sql-set.html

To quote "SET only affects the value used by the current session."

But I'm wondering why you are trying to force a default date style. Just use YYYY-MM-DD in all your interactions. It's the ISO standard! When the value is supplied externally, convert it with to_date() and to output format it with to_char().

  • Thanks, you're right about the SET datestyle being temporary. I would like to use ISO but YYYY-MM-DD is confusing to look at, and we will be viewing/editing table data directly, not calling queries that can include t0_date() or to_char(). I'm just very surprised there isn't a simple setting to at least allow tables to display dd-mm-yyyy – Tim Oct 21 '15 at 21:32

What worked for me was to modify the "datestyle" attribute in postgresql.conf. In my case it's located in /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/postgresql.conf

Good luck!

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