I need help embedding a markdown, or *.md, file inside of an HTML index file. I have found that I can embed HTML inside of markdown, but not vice-versa. This would help to increase the speed of my editing because markdown format is extremely easy to use, (as I'm using it now) and I don't have to change the format of the rest of my site. I know that something like this is done to embed another HTML file with <iframe src="path/to/html>html-name</iframe>. I could also use javascript to interpret the md format on page load. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Have you tried searching? – cricket_007 Oct 21 '15 at 3:38
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    Of course! Why would I post a question if I had already found an answer to it? – spikespaz Oct 21 '15 at 3:38
  • Just curious, because that link seems to do what you are asking unless you mean actually inject a markdown file into HTML – cricket_007 Oct 21 '15 at 5:14
  • Actually that was what I meant, but that link works too! I can embed another HTML document with the markdown in it! Thanks – spikespaz Oct 21 '15 at 11:57
  • Wait... Nope. Just tried the code in my existing site... Not working. Just a white screen, I think the themes are conflicting. :/ – spikespaz Oct 21 '15 at 13:15

Here's the solution that I have long since forgotten about:

Tagdown Logo

Forgetting that I asked this question and getting no answers, I created my own solution as an extension off of Chris Jeffrey's marked.js.

I call it tagdown.js.

Here it is: http://spikespaz.com/tagdownjs/

Just in case that link, or my domain, expires: https://spikespaz.github.io/tagdownjs/

Github: https://github.com/spikespaz/tagdownjs

This allows markdown to be added directly to the site, within a tag set with the class markdown. See the example on the site. There is no theme system in it, it's just the markdown parser.


The project, TagdownJS, has been deleted from Github. The code for it seems so simple that it doesn't deserve its own repository.

Until it finds a new home, just go find Christopher Jeffery's Marked.js, and use this following code with it.

document.body.style.display = "none"; // Hide the page until it's finished rendering.

var md_tags = document.getElementsByTagName("markdown"); // Returns array of all markdown tags.

for (var i = 0; i < md_tags.length; i++) { // Iterate through all the tags, and generate the HTML.
    var md_text = md_tags[i].textContent.replace(/^[^\S\n]+/mg, ""); // I love regex, so shoot me.

    var md_div = document.createElement("div"); // Make a new div to replace the fake tag.
    md_div.id = "content";
    md_div.innerHTML = marked(md_text);

    md_tags[i].parentNode.appendChild(md_div); // Add remove the old raw markdown.

document.body.style.display = ""; // Show the rendered page.

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