Hi I am new to wordpress.

I had researched lot about this but didn't succeed. I want to set cookie value NULL before logout and custom value after admin logged in.

So I put below code in wp-includes/puggable.php => in the function wp_set_auth_cookie

setcookie("cookieName", '', time() + (1 * 60) , true);

echo "<script>console.log('Cookie must set null')</script>";

But didn't get succeed cookie value remain same even after login-logout.


NEVER edit Wordpress core files! If you update Wordpress one day (and you'll want to, as to fix the security issues), all your modifications will be lost.

What you need to do is to work with the wp_login and wp_logout actions. You attach on both of those actions functions with add_action, so they will be triggered on those events. Those functions and the add_action calls take place inside the functions.php file of your theme.

So inside functions.php, add this to set the cookie on login (for admin only):

add_action('wp_login', 'add_custom_cookie_admin');
function add_custom_cookie_admin() {
  if(is_admin()) {
    setcookie('your_cookie_name', 'cookie value', time() + 86400, '/'); // expire in a day

Note that as diziaq pointed out in his answer, you was using wrong the setcookie function.

And to delete the cookie on log out:

add_action('wp_logout', 'remove_custom_cookie_admin');
function remove_custom_cookie_admin() {
  setcookie('your_cookie_name', '', time() - 3600);

Same as diziaq pointed out, you need to remove the cookie - you can't set it to NULL.

  • I was unable to set the cookie on WP 4.6.1 using the add function above. I removed the if is_admin conditional and it worked as expected. As far as I found in my testing, the is_admin check is unnecessary; at least for my purposes. The custom cookie won't be set unless logging in is successful. – mingala Jan 6 '17 at 0:49
  • @mingala The is_admin check in this answer was for a specific purpose in the scope of this question - OP was trying to detect administrator log-in actions only. If you need to catch the login for every use roles, removing the condition works. – vard Jan 6 '17 at 11:03

Please read docs for setcookie function - you use it wrong. The fourth parameter must be a string (but you're passing a bool).

  1. To set a cookie:

    setcookie("cookieName", "cookieValue", time() + 600, '/');

  2. To delete the cookie you have to set expiration date in the past.

    setcookie("cookieName", "anyValue", time() - 1, '/');

Your intention to set null to a cookie is unreachable, because by definition the value of a cookie is a string. It can be empty, but it cannot be undefined or null.

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