In the portal (manage.windowsazure.com) I created a metric for a healthcheck of my vm: configure -> monitor -> endpoints -> "http://mysite.cloudapp.net/my-healthcheck". Then I created a new alert rule, where I chose this metric with response time and entered a threshold of 10 seconds: enter image description here For testing, I stopped my frontend on this VM. As you can see in the picture below, the response time passed my threshold. But everything is "green" - no alert is shown. What did I miss?

alert rule

Edit: additional information: For testing I created an alertrule for CPU usage over 0.1% on the same machine: this works (I get an alert) - but it still doesn't work for my self-created metric (although the threshold is passed). And in the preview-portal I don't even see my metric when I try to create an alert rule. Is this a bug?


So just a little time after I started the bounty, I found a solution by myself: I had to go to the new portal (preview portal) and create an Application Insights-ressource. There, I go to "Availability" and create a new "webtest". Here I can enter a specific URL for testing and the expected response code (e.g. 200). This works for me now!

enter image description here

So now I have to find out what the difference between the pricing tiers is (what does "days raw data retained", "data points included" and "aggregated data" mean in that case?)

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