I'm reading about "built-in support of jsx syntax in VS 2015", but can't find it. Is it hidden in settings of IDE, or I need to install some extension?


React.js Starter Kit:

Support for native jsx (update 1 to VS2015):

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    Just wanted to try it out. Started with statement import React from 'react' and got intellisense errors. What dissapointing experience. – Vlado Pandžić Jun 24 '16 at 10:51
  • visualstudio.com link is giving me a 403. Can anyone confirm? – Perry Tew Sep 14 '16 at 2:07

Although it's not a direct fix to your problem, you could try out http://code.visualstudio.com/. Visual studio has all kinds of problems with these new web dev tools. Another example is the npm - not installed issue.

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