In my project.clj I've defined the dependency

[cljsjs/moment "2.10.6-0"]

and I'm requiring it in my cljs file using

(:require [cljsjs.moment :as m])

I try and use it like this

(m/from-now 3485736776)

But it says Uncaught ReferenceError: cljsjs is not defined

I also tried

(m/fromNow 3485736776)

Just in case the function call was wrong, but I get the same error ... any ideas?

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There's a explanation in cljsjs's wiki page => A Quick JavaScript Interoperability Refresher

basically, require cljsjs's package without :as or :refer. and the library--moment in your case, available in js global namespace. Here is a example from my cljs repl:

(require '[cljsjs.moment])
;;=> nil
;;=> #object[Moment Sat Oct 24 2015 04:29:19 GMT+0700]
(.fromNow (js/moment) 3485736776)
;;=>"a few seconds"
  • Actually the timestamp needs to be passed into the moment constructor so the answer should be (.fromNow (js/moment 3485736776)) ... but yes it is used from the js global namespace, which was what I'd missed. Strange because I'm using cljsjs/d3 with :as and it works great
    – stukennedy
    Oct 24, 2015 at 21:39

In (:require [cljsjs.moment :as m]) remove the :as m and that should work. After this the functions in moment will appear under js/.

See https://github.com/cljsjs/packages/wiki/Using-Packages for an example using cljsjs.Showdown.

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