(I am new to Meteor and NodeJs environments)

I would like to implement a Meteor-based webapp which needs to read/write/browse files on the client's local filesystem. I used the Meteor package arboleya:electrify to make the client side webapp a desktop app, with the hope of having the access rights to read the filesystem (because if Atom can do it, then why not my app).

My problem so far is that I don't understand how I can use an API like NodeJs's fs from a Meteor client.

Edit: This question is for a client Meteor app, connected to a remote Meteor server.

  • cool package! I've never used it, but I suppose the server piece of meteor will be running in that app as well (it kind of has to if it standalone). So then of course you can just use fs from node (in the server files). Just add meteorhacks:npm and then use var fs = Meteor.npmRequire('fs') and off you go doing whatever you want with fs as in node itself. Oct 24, 2015 at 4:53
  • I am in the client side only, I edited my question to include this information. My attempts to include node's fs via your approach in the client failed, maybe because I am a clueless beginner, maybe because I am on the client. Oct 24, 2015 at 5:02
  • Npm.require() seems to be only usable on the server. People pointed me to the direction of webpack if I want to include npm packages from the client side. Oct 24, 2015 at 18:19
  • arboleya:electrify is going to be updated to allow sending messages between the Electron process and the Meteor process, so it likely will be the solution. Nov 1, 2015 at 0:44

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Recent versions of Electrify enable an easy IPC connection between Electron's NodeJS and Meteor as RPC, allowing the Meteor client to remotely call the functions of Electron's NodeJS.

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