I have a couchdb database. I would like to retrieve the document that has the following key:value :


I am new to this. Should I create a 'design' document. If yes can you help ?

curl https://louisromain.cloudant.com/boardline_users/_view/byName?key="example@gmail.com"

Yes! Create a design document. You want to make a view which will index the email field of your documents. For example, in a design doc named _design/users, if you set .views.byEmail.map to this:

function(doc) {
  if (doc.email) {
    emit(doc.email, doc);

Then you can use curl:

curl 'https://louisromain.cloudant.com/boardline_users/_design/users/_view/byEmail?key="example@gmail.com"'

Note, I've single-quoted the entire URL. That way, the curl program will see the double-quotes around the email and it will encode them to send to Cloudant. (Otherwise, Bash would "eat" them and curl would send the wrong value to Cloudant.)


Another option is to make the email address your "primary key", putting email addresses in the _id field. Then you can do something like this:

curl https://louisromain.cloudant.com/boardline_users/example@gmail.com

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