I'm trying to open an existing pouchdb database according to official documents as:

var db = new PouchDB('table_db');

and also i'm checking google chrome offline storage each time i open the 'table_db' as:

navigator.webkitTemporaryStorage.queryUsageAndQuota (

   function(usedBytes, grantedBytes) {
      console.log('we are using ', usedBytes, ' of ', grantedBytes, 'bytes');
   function(e) { console.log('Error', e);  }

and what i get after multiple refreshes is:

we are using  26234  of  2629807161 bytes
we are using  26422  of  2629806901 bytes
we are using  26610  of  2629806926 bytes

My adapter is 'indexeddb' and i'm using chrome as my target browser. it may exceed the limitation i fear, what can i do about it?


The backing store for the Indexed DB implementation in Chrome is leveldb, which allows for high data throughput by appending data to a log and then occasionally compacting the data to various table files and eliminating old data. Each access does write a minimal amount of data to the log, which is what you're seeing. At some point the compaction algorithm will kick in and reclaim the unused space.

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