We are currently using Access as our back-end database handling a small amount of data records (<10,000). I am in the process of creating a log-in macro which checks whether a user has a valid log in, and based off that log-in he/she will have access to a particular set of forms. So essentially it is a permissions-based system.

Sub cmdDev_Click()
If DLookup("[AccessLevelID]", "tblUser", "[UserID] = " & Forms!frmLogin!cboUser) = 1 Then
     DoCmd.OpenForm "Finance_Form"
    MsgBox "Sorry, you do not have the correct permissions required.", vbOKOnly
End If

End Sub

Whenever I run my macro, it continues to throw up the following error message "This property is not available in Design view."

I debugged the code and it highlighted the IF Statement. I double checked all the user fields and form references and they all check-out with no issues. Could anyone suggest what could be the potential cause?



When you open your form, make sure it isn't opening in acdesign like so:

docmd.openform "Finance_Form", acnormal

If your combobox is actually a string format and not a number format then I would suggest something like so;

"[UserID] ='" & Forms!frmLogin.cboUser & "'"

Also, if your combobox has more than one column, which may be likely, you may have to state which column you'd like to reference. Column 0 is usually the bound column. With this in mind see my example below where I have used me to reference the combobox column as well. You may consider this if the click button is on the same form as the combobox.


You might need to indicate the property of the cboUser:


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