In my application I want to download file from SFTP server and for that I written one program but now I want to test it whether its working fine or not. So I need one public SFTP server so that I will download any file from it. I know public FTP server but don't know about any SFTP server. So can anyone know such SFTP server?

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I'm using the Free Mini SFTP server linked from this page:

It runs local which is fine for my testing. If you need a remote host, it won't help.

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    this is windows only – Juh_ Nov 22 '13 at 9:25

I found this publically accessible SFTP server at Washington University in St. Louis today:


You can visit for some information about it:

This page is provided by the ITC for testing network connectivity to the ITC Secure FTP (SFTP) server.


If you can access this page with a web browser, but cannot connect to the server using an SFTP client, it is quite likely that your institution's firewall or proxy configuration is preventing an outgoing connection to TCP port 22

have a look at this Tiny SFTP Server


this seems to be a new Free SFTP Server to test:

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