Is it possible to customize grails-plugin-fields templates to override default f:table and f:all templates?

I've tried placing a custom _table.gsp file inside my application grails-app/views/templates/_fields/ and src/main/templates/_fields/ but it doesn't works.

From the plugin source code seems that this is the right place to create this file.

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I had the same problem with you. I worked it out by placing _table.gsp in /grails-app/views/templates/_fields/. I tried to place it in /src/templates/_fields/ but didn't work. Here's the proof.

enter image description here

I'm using grails 3.0.7 and testing this by using grails run-app command, by the way.


  • Hey @Iqbal, I am new to grails. Could you give example how to override f:all? I want to remove f:all, with custom materializecss. So that when I am confident about my domain class and deecide to generate views for domain class, it will generate with proper design using materialize css. In grails 2 there was _form.gsp which was useful. Could you please give some example how to achieve this?
    – hemu
    Feb 25, 2016 at 10:59

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