I have referred quite a few books on C, C++, etc. in fact i have even read the Dragon book on Compilers. But my basic doubt remains, is there any link or book i can read which explains a simple C program creating from writing source code in a Editor to Compilation to Linking?

Would appreciate an internet link is provided.


As example this is for *nix OS: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/09/how-to-write-compile-and-execute-c-program-on-unix-os-with-hello-world-example/. (there are source code edited by text editor, not by IDE)
I found this link using google with "C hello world howto" request. You can try similar requests If you need Windows (or other OS) specific manual


Well... good introductory books are

These cover very well compiling and linking in their first chapters, as well as execution and requirements. These are the books which did the trick for me.


Guess, it depends- if you are looking for the basics, whatever you grab will get you in Line.

But if you have a burring desire to know what is happening under the hood- drinking from the closer source is a recommendation - in which case : http://www.duntemann.com/assembly.htm is a wise choice. Ya... read and re-read The Book if you have to till it makes sense. The Book itself will guide you all the way out.

Good Luck,

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