I was wondering whether there are version capabilities with yum groups, correlating group versions with RPM versions.

To give a more concrete example what I would finally like to accomplish for my custom repo is something like this concept:

Let's say we have a grouping (only conceptual at this point) of RPMs (e.g A.rpm, B.RPM) that together constitute a e.g Platform. These rpm have versions so we have A-0.1.rpm, A-0.2.rpm, B-0.1.rpm, B-0.2.rpm etc.

My question is, if it is somehow possible to group the different versions of the individual RPMs in a versioned group. I have done some research on yum groups but it seems that it can't handle versions. Ideally I would like to have something like yum groupinstall "MyPlastform-0.1" that installs A-0.1.rpm and B-0.1.rpm and yum groupinstall "MyPlastform-0.2" that installs A-0.2.rpm and B-0.2.rpm, or something similar.

Please note that RPMs A and B should not have dependencies with each other.

Can this be accomplished?

  • I was wondering that myself. It would be nice to have A-0.1 and B-0.1 be MyPlatform-0.1 while A-0.1 and B-0.1.2 be MyPlatform-0.1.5 or something else arbitrary. But as far as I know, yum does not support versions for groups themselves, or the specific packages in groups. If you find it, I would like to hear about it. – deitch Oct 27 '15 at 19:36

I'm just shooting blindly here but why don't you use a "virtual package" that essentially depends on other packages with specific versions. you can version this package as well.


MyPlatform-v1.0 is a package that depends on A-0.1 and B0.1 MyPlatform-v1.1 is a package that depends on A-0.2 and B0.1

It's similar to what apt did with the "build-essentials".

  • This is how I would handle it. Have a fake RPM that has no files, but Requires specific versions of the other RPMs. – Aaron D. Marasco Nov 1 '15 at 1:11

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