Using iron router version 0.9.4 How to update URL query parameters without changing the browser history?

I have a bunch of select boxes which can update the URL query parameters. In some cases I'd like to update the URL without adding an additional entry into window.history. A lot of templates are dependent on the Router.current().params reactive variable, so I need to update that as well when changing the route.


Iron Router has an optional parameter in the Router.go function which you can pass in {replaceState:true} . This will update the URL without storing the URL change in the window's history.

This is working in Iron Router 0.9.4

var path = Router.path('myRoute',{_id: myId}, {query: myParams});
Router.go(path, {replaceState: true});

If you are on a newer version of Iron Router, the order of arguments has probably changed a little, according to this github issue this would be the new order :

Router.go(path, {}, {replaceState:true});

You can use vanilla JavaScript:


Here is some some documentation. As it's a modern feature, if you want to support older browsers, you can use a polyfill.

  • thanks, normally that would work but in my case I have some templates which are dependent on the Router.current().params , so I needed to also update the Router params. – looshi Oct 27 '15 at 21:11

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