When I try to import a Gradle project into IntelliJ, I get:

Resolve Error

No such property: spredfastRepoUsername for class:
Consult IDE log for more details (Help | Show Log)

This is strange, because I do have spredfastRepoUsername defined in ~/.gradle/gradle.properties, as evidenced by a successful ./gradlew clean test in bash.

Any idea why this might happen? My coworkers can import the project into their IntelliJ without issue.

Clicking on Show Log does nothing.



The problem turned out to be bad settings. If you regularly export/import settings between different computers, IntelliJ can get confused about file paths, that should be relative to any user's home directory, but are actually absolute.

After resetting my IntelliJ settings, I was able to import the Gradle project.

If you want to safely backup/restore/sync your settings, it's best to do that with a plugin that respects home-relative file paths, such as https://github.com/develar/settings-repository


The problem also turned about to be:

Ensure that IntelliJ's Gradle settings are configured to use <your home directory/.gradle as the Service Directory, not the gradle bin home. :P

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