My question is quite simple to understand: I have a Debian server, where I'd like to install and use composer and its global dependencies in a multi-user way (like, say, RVM).

I've always managed to install composer itself, and to make it available for any user (as long as the user has shell access and +x chmod, of course).

What I would love to do, is that when I run composer global require wp-cli/wp-cli, the required dependency is installed in a "public" location (say /usr/local/.composer for example).

So if I set the right permissions on this directory, any user that can access /usr/local/.composer can use global dependencies.

Is that clear enough?

Someone out there with an anwser?


  • What exactly do you need? Where do you fail to pursue your goal? – Tomáš Votruba Oct 27 '15 at 23:50

You can change the default directory where composer sets its global dependencies to be the one you like:

Just create the environment variable COMPOSER_HOME and make it available to all users, take a look at /etc/profile or /etc/bash.bashrc

  • Wow, great, thanks a lot! I guess I was too tired when I read the docs to miss that one! – Michel Tomas Oct 28 '15 at 8:11
  • 1
    Not really working for me. echo "$COMPOSER_HOME" gives /usr/local/composer, but composer global require still installs stuff in ~/.composer/. – donquixote Jun 10 '18 at 1:29

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