I am trying to create the model for my mongodb database using mongoose. This is what I am trying to do:

var Class = mongoose.model('Class', {className: String, marks: [{type: Number}], grades: [{type: Number}]});
var User = mongoose.model('User', {email: String, classes: [Class] });

//Lets create a new user
var class1 = new Class({className: 'aaa', marks: [72, 88, 63], grades: [30, 40, 30]});
var user1 = new User({email: '[email protected]', classes: [class1]});

Saving class1 seems to work okay but when I check mongodb, this is displayed:

  "_id" : ObjectId("someId"), 
  "className" : "TEST1234", 
  "grades" : [ 30, 40, 30 ], 
  "marks" : [ 72, 88, 63 ], 
  "__v" : 0 

What is "__v : 0"?

Saving the user is not successful at all, this is the following error:

ValidationError: CastError: Cast to Array failed for value "{ marks: [ 72, 88, 63 ], grades: [ 30, 40, 30 ], _id: someId, className: 'TEST1234' }" at path "classes" `

What exactly does the error mean? Why is it casting anything to a array? Shouldn't classes: [Class] be an array of type class?

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Man, I had a similar issue creating an Schema like this:

QuestionnaireSchema = mongoose.Schema({
    formId: Number,
    name: String,
    questions: [
            type: String,
            title: String,
                label: String,
                value: "Mixed"

My mistake was that I am using "type" as a field name and this is reserved word in mongoose.

I just change:

type: String,


formType: String,

and that works.

see: https://github.com/Automattic/mongoose/issues/1760

  • Alternatively, if you want to keep the question object key "type" you can use Andrew Moores answer below.
    – cam
    Commented Aug 26, 2019 at 6:39

Explicitly defining the type rule on a property called type is allowed and won't throw an error. like this:

type: {type: String}
  • 3
    This is my preferred solution, rather than changing my key from "type".
    – cam
    Commented Aug 26, 2019 at 6:40

Try changing the class definition to :

var classSchema = mongoose.Schema({className: String, marks: [{type: Number}], grades: [{type: Number}]});
var userSchema = mongoose.Schema({email: String, classes: [classSchema] });
var User = mongoose.model('User',userSchema);

This is required since mongoose is not able to parse the object without a related schema. Now when you create a new Schema for the internal class object and refer it in the main userSchema mongoose should be able to parse your object.


Your model definition is incorrect, you should fix like below.

// var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
var User = mongoose.model('User',{ 
  email: String, 
  classes: [ {type: Schema.Types.ObjectID, ref: 'Class'}] 

var Class1 = new Class({/*yourDataWillBeHere*/})

Class1.save(function(err, classData) {
   var User1 = new User({/*YourDataWillBeHere*/})
   User1.save(function(err, userData) {
      //make something with userData object 

Then you can get fetched data using with populate() like this

  • I can't seem to get that to work.TypeError: Invalid value for schema path 'type' on the line where var User = ... What am I missing? I uncommented the schema line and I have also defined Class above. Commented Oct 28, 2015 at 17:11

By default, if you have an object with key 'type' in your schema, mongoose will interpret it as a type declaration.

// Mongoose interprets this as 'loc is a String'
var schema = new Schema({ loc: { type: String, coordinates: [Number] } });

Changing the typeKey:

var schema = new Schema({
  // Mongoose interpets this as 'loc is an object with 2 keys, type and coordinates'
  loc: { type: String, coordinates: [Number] },
  // Mongoose interprets this as 'name is a String'
  name: { $type: String }
}, { typeKey: '$type' }); // A '$type' key means this object is a type declaration

Link: http://mongoosejs.com/docs/guide.html#typeKey


Just for Update

Now Mongoose supports subdocuments, which are the documented way to nest arrays,

var arraySchema = new Schema({
    property: String

var objectSchema = new Schema({
    arrays: [arraySchema]




I got a similar issue using mongoose 5.7.0+ using double nested schema.

Except it wasn't related to the keyword type but a mongoose validation bug.


Temporary workaround: Use Schema.Types.Mixed for the subschema

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