I have a git repo I pulled down. I made some changes to the code locally. I simply want to revert those changes and not use them. Is there any way to do this???? Why is it so difficult? I don't want to have to commit anything... I just want to revert my local code back.

I am looking for a simple command to do this.

For example, SVN made it extremely easy. All I had to do was delete the file and "update my code" and it would be reverted.


git reset --hard HEAD will reset head and get rid of any changes you've made.

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    HEAD refers to the tip of your most recent commit. In your case, it points to the state of the repository when you pulled it. – DanGordon Oct 28 '15 at 19:28

Git is not hard but just very different from SVN. This command will revert all changes to tracked files:

git reset --hard HEAD

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