I am stuck, i am working on some huge project with not enough documentation, i was thinking if there was a way with which i can generate some UML diagram of my Xcode project to understand it better. I searched a lot and everybody seem to be pretty sure that omnigraffle is the way. But when i try to use it i get this silly alert everytime "This Xcode project can be diagrammed by dragging its containing folder onto the OmniGraffle application icon."

Can someone help me out on this. I am using the trial version of omnigraffle. Is there some other tool which can help me out ??

  • Did you drag the folder on yhen? – Wain Oct 28 '15 at 19:52

Just download OmniGraffle and then go to File->Open->Select your XcodeProject file and that's it you'll have a class diagram.

If your Project is quite big then you can use github.com/nst/objc_dep to generate the .dot file and then open it with OmniGraffle it worked, but not for CircleGraph type.

  • if you create methods/instance variables via @property's it won't list them

For other alternatives you can see class-modeling-alternatives-for-objective-c

  • i tried omnigraffle and obj_dep... Nothing is working out.. – user2606782 Oct 29 '15 at 19:51

If you try PiyushSharma solution and it not work. I think you should check "File->Open->Select your Xcode folder" instead " File->Open->Select your XcodeProject file". It means: dragging its (.xcodeproj) containing folder onto the OmniGraffle application icon

Best luck for you,

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