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When I have a long line of calling a command with its arguments, is it possible to break it into several lines, and have a commend for each line?

For example, if I break free -h into two lines

free \

how can I add a comment for each line? An attempt like this one

free \ # this is the command
-h  # this is the argument

doesn't work.

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Store the arguments in an array, and document them there.

args=(--arg1      # First option
      --arg2 bar  # Second option with an argument

# Run free with the above arguments
free "${args[@]}"

A classic trick for this is using inlined comments in backticks:

free `#This is the command` \
-h   `#This is the argument`
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    An expensive trick, though, since you have to spawn a subshell for each comment. – chepner Oct 28 '15 at 19:31

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