I'm using Authlogic (along with Authlogic RPX) in a new Rails 3 application (beta4 , just upgraded to RC).

I cannot get any of my functional tests to pass. Anytime I try to run even the most rudimentary test, I end up with this error:

  4) Error:
     ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: 
     user_sessions: DELETE FROM "user_sessions" WHERE 1=1

It doesn't matter which controller I'm testing (even if it's not associated with Authlogic), it seems to expect that my UserSession model requires a database table, even though it inherits directly from Authlogic::Session::Base

Outside of using the RPX plugin, this is a super-base Authlogic setup, and I do not have this issue running the application itself. Only in the tests.

Any thoughts?


It appears I was being hamstrung by Rails 3's backtrace filtering. I re-ran my tests to provide a full backtrace:

BACKTRACE=foo rake test

Turns out the problem was with attempting to load test fixtures for users_session that were auto-generated with my classes.

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