While running my App I am getting

Path/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/app-hhrnpfyhpluwgwcdjsjkbeehwwqs/Build/Intermediates/app.build/Debug-iphoneos/app.build/Script-C0EDB4D81B6759AC0067631D.sh: line 2: ./Fabric.framework/run: Permission denied

If any one faced the similar issue , please suggest me the way to fix this?

I am running in Xcode 7.0 , iOS 9

I have this in my plist

enter image description here

Any helps is appreciated!

Edit :This solved my issue:

Step:1: Sign up for Fabric Here

Step:2: Follow the steps as mentioned in this LINK and add the key for fabric framework in info.plist and "Run Script" as shown here

I faced this issue when I cloned a repo and Fabric binaries were already there (commited by other developer). The solution was to run this commands in project folder and after then the xcode build succeeded:

chmod +x Fabric.framework/run
chmod +x Fabric.framework/uploadDSYM
  • Worked for me, thanks, nice solution. – Tejinder Sep 12 '17 at 12:08
  • you saved my time !!! thanks !! it works like charms!! – Bhavik Nov 9 '17 at 14:18
  • this worked for iOS but not for macOS – quemeful Nov 28 '17 at 13:27
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Permission issue solved with fabric 3.7.1 with cocoa pods:

Installed Fabric with:

pod 'Fabric'

pod 'Crashlytics'

Now import below two headers in "AppDelegate.h" class

  #import <Fabric/Fabric.h>     
  #import <Crashlytics/Crashlytics.h>

Add below line in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions:

[Fabric with:@[[Crashlytics class]]];

Updated shell script with pods root path with fabric key which will generated while installing fabric signup in build Phase as shown below:

enter image description here

and added Api key in plist as shown :

enter image description here

With this integration now Crashlytics shows all the live devices count , App Store crashes with build versions and active users

Reference: https://docs.fabric.io/apple/examples/cannonball/index.html

I faced same issue and fixed this by modifying file permissions by executing following command in terminal:

chmod a+x Path/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/app-hhrnpfyhpluwgwcdjsjkbeehwwqs/Build/Intermediates/app.build/Debug-iphoneos/app.build/Script-C0EDB4D81B6759AC0067631D.sh
chmod a+x ios_workspace/project/Pods/Fabric/run
chmod a+x ios_workspace/project/Pods/Fabric/uploadDSYM

Note: Update path to uploadDSYM, run and .sh file accordingly


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